Jumat, Januari 30

make adsense with blogspot

make ablog
-register pass through blogger an take 2 way
-if you have gmail account, put email in username and password, sing in
-of you noy have gmail account, click "create your blog now"
-in right corner, choosy language english
-substance form register
account type

acount type - idiyidual or bisnis
website url
website laguage
products : adsense

contact information

payee name
address line 1
address line 2
state or province or region
zip or postal code
phone number

log in information

email address
re enter password
email preference

-choose template
-wriet title blog in title and content blog in coloumn text
-making adsense
after make ablog
1. in dashboard, click layout
2. click add a page element
3. in dialog box click add(add to blog)
4. in dialog text box emerge, input your email and language click create account to you if not register or sign in if you have adsense account
5. check your email, used to sign up adsense
6. choose ads, lick save

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